Custom Japanese Glow Plate

Custom Japanese Glow Plate

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Now you can customize your Japanese Glow Plate Today.  

High grade Aluminum 

CNC Laser cut

Powder Coated

Commercial grade LED

Easy install with youtube install video!

Made by us in the USA


Once you click customize a vehicle will appear with the glow plate in front.

Move the mouse over the designated area that you want to modify and click area.

If you were to start by clicking with the top left symbol (prefecture) there will be clipart tab available for you to chose from on your right. 

You then click on the areas on the plate you want to modify and then star customizing.

There are preset symbols for both the prefecture and the Hiragana. 

If you have any questions just send over a email and we will be glad to help. 

*The top left symbol is the prefecture meaning the area in which the car is registered. We have 4 options available to choose from.