Welcome To N.C.C

Welcome to the N.C.C. 
"Nostalgic Car Club"

We are excited to have you as our newest member. The purpose of this club is to create a safe environment for car enthusiasts to enjoy. A place for all grease monkeys, gearheads, and motor minds. It's like a gym membership that you and your car can enjoy!

The membership includes the following:

- Personalized Metal N.C.C. Card
- "Year 1" sticker
- Nostalgic sticker
- Access to all amenities of Nostalgic Garage (3 TVs, driving simulator, gaming system, digital projector)
- 10% discount on all Nostalgic merchandise and events
- Monthly meet at the garage with a minimum of 1-week notice
- Free entry to watch parties
- Garage will have cold refreshments, foreign snacks, and Japanese quick ramen for purchase
- Professional pictures of the event (not just your car)


With every club comes a Code Of Conduct to maintain the integrity of the club. Our goal is to keep the club as exclusive and safe as possible. So we are counting on our members to do so!

1. The DATE of Nostalgic Knights episodes is to remain a secret. The date will be emailed and texted at least a week in advance.
2. The ADDRESS for the RUN spot is to NEVER be shared. Every member must get the address and RUN time from the top floor black wall.
3. Practice SAFE driving: mandatory turn signals, no running red lights.
4. NO social media sharing of the episode until the following day (we know for some, this is the hardest rule. But one of the most important to the club to maintain EXCLUSIVITY)


Payment options

Membership is 10.00 a month charged annually (1 time)

July-December 2024

60.00 single member

80.00 Plus one membership (passenger)

cash app $nostalgicautosports

Zelle nostalgic.garage24@gmail.com


Please leave note on payment with your name as you will like it on membership card and favorite two numbers.